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We believe that details separate the amateur from the professional, so we take painting and finishing seriously. We have each frame digitally-scanned to produce custom paint that's the perfect shade for your frame. We blend our own matte clear coats to match the unique texture of each finish. We go through a lot of polishing compound. We take pride in our work. We don't rush.

All of our paints and clear coats are produced by PPG, a world leader in automotive finishing products and widely used among boutique bicycle manufacturers.

We die-cut our own vinyl graphics and logos and create paint masks to accurately match the original artwork.

If you want to avoid the extra cost of paint, don't worry. We only use the highest quality epoxies from West Systems which are UV stable and waterproof.


Clear Coat Only                       $125

Gloss or Matte, this ensures the finish of the repaired area will match the rest of the frame. Gloss finishes are sanded, polished, and waxed.


Single Color + CC                    $225

This includes a primer/sealer, custom color-matched base coat, and gloss or matte clear coat all blended into the existing paint.

Extra Colors                         $100ea

It's not a problem if your repair involves multiple colors and most paint schemes can be accurately reproduced. 


Logo Recreation                      $75+

We can replicate the existing logos and often times artwork that was damaged to retain a factory appearance.