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Custom painted specialized fork

Custom Paint & Refinishing

This is where science meets art. We can custom blend colors to perfectly match almost any color or finish. We can recreate logos and artwork from your frame to make the damage disappear. Or, we can completely strip your frame and make it look however you wish. We use only the finest paints and finishing products by PPG Industries.

Quick Turnaround

Normal turn-around time is 1-2 weeks for unpainted repairs and 2-4 weeks for fully-restored repairs.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. 

Local Assessments

Get a help from a local bike shop in identifying damage and streamlining the repair process.

Refinishing Process

We have each frame digitally-scanned and painstakingly adjusted to produce custom paint that’s the perfect shade for your frame. 

All of our paints and clear coats are produced by PPG, a world leader in automotive finishing products and widely used among boutique bicycle manufacturers.

We die-cut our own vinyl graphics and logos and create paint masks to accurately match the original artwork.

If you want to avoid the extra cost of paint, don’t worry. We cover all repairs with a UV stable and waterproof epoxy clearcoat, so paint is only about aesthetics. Your repair will last forever either way.

custom paint restoration on a Specialized Tarmac

House Black or White             $50-$100
Single Custom Basic Color   $200-$250

Single Custom Premium Color         $250-$350
Additional Custom Colors                       $150+

Basic colors include most standard colors. Premium includes metallic, pearl, translucent, and other more difficult to match colors. A high gloss clearcoat is included in this price

Matte finish on a Pinarello Dogma

Matte Clear Coat                         $100

Matte finishes are applied over the previously clear-coated area and delicately blended into the existing finish. We only use PPG's highest grade matte clearcoat for seamless blending.

custom logo restoration

Logos and Graphics                  $100+

We can digitally replicate logos and artwork to maintain a factory appearance. This cost does not cover additional paint colors.


Custom Repaint                $800+

We can do pretty much anything you can think of from mild to wild, but we prefer to focus on simple, high-quality paint work. While our full repaint services start at $800, most of our jobs are show quality and run in the $1400-$1600 range. Contact us for details.

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