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Take a look at a few of our previous works to get an idea of what you can expect when you send your frame to us for repair. Check out our Instagram feed to see a lot more pictures and videos showing the work we do and how we do it. Long story short, we shoot for a factory quality finish and construction quality that lives up to our lifetime warranty. We don't rush and we don't take shortcuts.

Our Work

01   Canyon Grail CF SL

broken canyon grail

This frame came to us after a major accident rendered it in need of serious repair at both the seat cluster and the non-drive side dropout.

repaired canyon grail

02   Allied Alfa Disc

broken allied alfa disc

This frame came to us after a major accident left it in need of a complete replacement of the non-drive side seatstay.

repaired allied alfa disc

03   S-Works Tarmac

poorly repaired s-works tarmac
another poorly repaired s-works tarmac

This frame came to us for repair after another professional carbon repair facility tried to repair damage from a major accident. 

properly repaired s-works tarmac

04  S-Works Epic

repaired s-works epic

We are capable of restoring almost any color and finish, including the color-shift, or chameleon, paint schemes that are quickly growing in popularity

restored paint on s-works tarmac

05  Allied Alfa Disc

beautifully repainted allied alfa disc

We can also refinish an entire frameset after repair and give a completely custom look to your ride, We take the same pride in this work as we do with all of our repairs.

detail on allied alfa disc
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