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Our mission is to make carbon repair easy, because it should be.

We've repaired hundreds of frames since 2008 and we found a bit of a pattern in our pricing. Look below to get an idea of what your repair should cost and then get in touch with us or a local bike shop that can help.

Check out the "Bicycle Refinishing" page for information of paint, graphics, and other finishing touches.


Level 1                            $250

A small patch to cover an area that was impacted and damage has not spread. Usually confined to the size of a quarter.

Rock chips and chain drops are the most common repairs.


Level 2                              $300

A minor crack or break from that results in damage of 5 inches or less and requires a small tube wrap in a low stress area.


Seatstays and chainstays are common culprits.


Level 3                     $350-$400

A large crack or impact requiring a full wrap 5+ inches in circumference or in a high-stress area. 

Impacts of the top tube or down tube are common.

Sometimes your chainstays just don’t wan

Level 4                            $400+

A complex repair of an intricate area such as the head tube junction or bottom bracket.

Or, a repair where a large amount of material is missing and must be rebuilt


Extras                              $TBD

We do a lot of frame repairs, but we can also create one piece bar/stem combos, add or repair water bottle bosses, repair dropouts, and much more.

  • We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. (click to read)

  • Normal turnaround time is 1 week for unpainted repairs and 2 weeks for painted repairs, not including transit. RUSH!! service available for $100: 2 days for a repair and 1 week for repair and paint.

When sending in your frame, please strip the frame of all components and send in only the frame, seat post clamp, and seat post (if it is specific to the frame.)

We recommend Bike Flights for shipping your frame. Click the logo to make it easy.

Frames should be mailed to:

Hex Carbon Workshop

1101 W. Markham St.

Little Rock, AR. 72201

You must download, sign, and return this waiver electronically or with your frame before we can begin work!