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Carbon Repair

We've built bikes from scratch and we've worked in bicycle manufacturing. We know how bike frames are constructed and we know how to repair them properly.

We use industry standard techniques to ensure your frame is safe and strong. Damaged areas are meticulously prepared and new material is applied and cured under the proper compression or vacuum, just like when it was manufactured. 

Learn more about our repair process and pricing below, then get in touch with us or a local bike shop that can help. We're always happy to chat through the repair process with you. We don't aim to be the fastest or the cheapest, we just aim to do the highest quality work possible at a fair price.

Fast Turnaround

Normal turn-around time is 1 week for unpainted repairs and 3-4 weeks for paint, graphics, and logo restoration.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. You can ride with confidence after our repairs.

Free Assessments

We never charge for an evaluation. If you decide not to repair the frame once it arrives at our facility, we even offer to buy it from you.

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Level 1                     $250-350

Small chips or impacts that do not have large areas of damage surrounding the impact spot.


Level 2                   $350-$450

A crack or break on a small tube such as a seattube, chainstay, or seatstay that is a couple of inches or more away from a complex joint such as a dropout.


Level 3                   $400-$500

A large crack or break on a larger tube such as a toptube or downtube that is a couple or inches or more away from a complex joint such as a headtube.


Level 4                          $500+

A complex repair of an intricate area such as the head tube junction or bottom bracket where a more complex repair process is required. 


Extras                             $TBD

We do a lot of frame repairs, but we can also create one piece bar/stem combos, add or repair water bottle bosses, repair dropouts, and much more.

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